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Joining Dynamic Woman is life changing. See for yourself.

“I feel a new excitement in my business and great comfort in knowing I have exceptional training to apply to everything I do and a great group of women to look to for advice and inspiration.”

“For years my lack of business know-how has held me back. Now, with these Dynamic Women, I feel excited to move forward and realize my dream: helping couples have healthy babies.”

“Dynamic Woman has brought my business to a whole new level. The support, energy and female camaraderie of this tribe is unbelievable. My only regret is not finding DW sooner!”

“As a part of Dynamic Woman I have support, ideas, and new friendships, which is essential for building a business.”

“Dynamic Woman has helped me make significant health changes in my life. I’ve experienced major improvement in my allergies and asthma. I’ve also been blessed with a healthy baby girl.”

“I am so excited to grow my business and build my own team. Being part of Dynamic Woman has certainly changed my life for the better.”

“Dynamic Woman not only made the process simple, but gave me tips to grow my primary business as well. It’s been a no-brainer for me and my patients.”

“Joining Dynamic Woman was like hitting a goldmine for the soul. My physical health is better than ever before, and my financial woes are becoming a thing of the past. The benefits just keep coming.”

“I fell in love with the products of our product partner and the mission of the company, and quickly realized they were a perfect compliment to my business.”

“Dynamic Woman has allowed me to replace half my income so I can stay home with my little girl while choosing to work less than part-time doing what I love. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this group.”

  • Caitlin Lyon
  • Beckie McLeod
  • Paula Burton
  • Michelle Emerson-Lewis
  • Brianna Hendrix
  • Lisa Lane
  • Anne Carruth
  • Andrea Holt
  • Heather Braaten
  • Josie Bouchier

Meet Your Tribe

We live our passions. We can help you live yours.

Josie Bouchier

Josie Bouchier

L.Ac., DW Creator

  • Friends & Family 100%
  • Writing 90%
  • Business Mentoring 80%
  • Women's Health 90%
Heather Braaten

Heather Braaten


  • Love 100%
  • Real. Good. Food. 90%
  • Happiness 100%
  • Teaching & Education 80%
Natalie Sobieray

Natalie Sobieray


  • Health & Wellness 90%
  • Entrepreneurship 80%
  • Family 100%
  • Cooking 80%